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Alter Natives Alert

José Esteban MuñozCruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity The present must be known in relation to the alternative temporal and spatial maps provided by a perception of past and future affective worlds. Look both ways before plunging… … Continue reading

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Now Then

Aislinn HunterThe Certainties This was back when I was fooling myself into thinking Narcissus was a small part of my work on the Metamorphoses and not, somehow, the central thing. Bernard listened politely, which was typical of his disposition, though … Continue reading

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Timed Twined

egg-bearing time knitting a nest from another time le temps ovipare nidification d’un autre temps I first came to these lines and attempted a translation through the work of Tara Collington. “Le nid du temps : le chronotope créateur dans … Continue reading

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Duration and Endurance

I am thinking about time and theories of change after reading Suzanne Guerlac‘s Thinking in Time. But first a detour through the poets:. As Seamus Heaney wrote (in another context) “A new rhythm, after all, is a new life given … Continue reading

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Mieke Bal Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of Narrative Fourth Edition “Heterochrony” My choice of the term heterochrony is motivated by the emphasis on difference, rather than multiplicity only. Migration, a much-discussed topic of our time, is the exemplary situation … Continue reading

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Assault on the Anecdote — Triumph of the micro-narrative

Clark Blaise Time Lord: Sir Sanford Fleming and the Creation of Standard Time An observation on Impressionist painting turns to a remark on time and chance: The Impressionist revolution, we’ve been told, is all about light. Light means a self-lit … Continue reading

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Group Experiences of Time: décalage et synchronisation

Trying to keep in mind both calendar and time zones may be mind bending. As one commentator wrote at jill/txt in response to “patterns thankfully disrupted” dated Friday: March 12, 2004 and trying to explain his pluralization of “calendars”. Let … Continue reading

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Totem Traces

Treasures of and for the Self… A time may indeed come when the pictures and statues which we admire to-day will crumble to dust, or a race of men may follow us who no longer understand the works of our … Continue reading

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Dialogue-provoking Temporal Deictic

Nic Salvato “Camp Performance and the Case of Discotropic” in After Queer Studies: Literature, Theory and Sexuality in the 21st Century edited by Tyler Bradway and E.L. McCallum A close reading of time stamps (and this day which is not … Continue reading

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Generations and Terminations

Julia Cooper The Last Word: Reviving the Dying Art of Eulogy [A] baby is not in fact a piece of immortality, but rather another piece of mortality. Multiplication is not continuation. And so for day 2521 07.11.2013

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