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Multi-track Brain

Paul D. Tyson“A general systems theory approach to consciousness, attention, and meditation”The Psychological Record (Vol. 32 Fall 1982 pp. 491-500) Many folks back then began with critiques of dichotomy to arrive at interesting places. Concluding sentence: In other words, we … Continue reading

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quasi mise en abyme

Joanne Fluke Strawberry Shortcake Murder It is not quite writing about this writing but it is about writing… Hannah sat down at the white Formica table she’d found at the thrift shop and reached for the green-lined stenographer’s notebook that … Continue reading

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Social Reproduction and Revolution

David Chariandy to his daughter Always remember, dearest daughter, that in the most meaningful sense, slavery was conquered not by laws and grand strokes of pens but through the heroism of Black people themselves, through the bravest acts of rebellion … Continue reading

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Trolling the Troll

I keep stumbling across references to the President of the United States in the Apple Dictionary (A lexicographer’s gem) : “comity” (Definition #2) [mass noun] courtesy and considerate behaviour towards others: a show of public comity in the White House. … Continue reading

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Cited for UnSpeakable Speech Acts

Juvrianto Chrissunday Jakob, English Lecturer, An English Enthusiast and Coffee Lover (https://medium.com/@markriand) < I learnt today about https://medium.com (a modest payment to view the articles housed there $5 per month as of April 20, 2020). I came across this fellow … Continue reading

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Eat Me Drink Me

Michael Pollan Food Rules # 36 < that piece after the hashtag is a strawberry Don’t eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk. So this might mean — don’t eat milk with your cereal (eat a little … Continue reading

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The Minutiae of Contradictions

Heather Thomas The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook from the introduction from not dwelling on detail to lavish praise for noticing particulars… Greeks rarely eat alone, and it’s natural for friends to gather and talk about philosophy, culture, art, literature and politics … Continue reading

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The Rituals of the Evening

I thought sundowning was a synonym for winding down. Actually it refers to the agitation of Alzheimer’s patients at the end of the day as their environment shifts. My take on the term to refer to prepping for sleep is … Continue reading

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Cooking or Games of Stage & Set

Via Naomi Duguid http://naomiduguid.com/twitter/ Nigella Lawson “Home Cooking Can Be a Feminist Act” https://www.lennyletter.com/story/nigella-lawson-home-cooking-can-be-a-feminist-act Real cooking is what happens in the home. Restaurant cooking can be fabulous, inspiring, transcendent, and oh-so-marvelous in many ways, but for me it will always … Continue reading

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From Fear of Missing Out to Being Present

I like this direct attack. Puncturing the ballon with flair. Here’s an insight that I’ve had about success: You can’t be successful at everything. We hear a lot of talk about work-life balance. Nonsense. You can’t have it all. You … Continue reading

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