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Loving the Loafer

James Thurber “The Courtship of Arthur and Al” Fables for Our Time They are two beavers. One is industrious and constantly working; the other, eats, swims and plays. The one “died without ever having had a vacation in his life.” … Continue reading

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American Style Pasta

Noodlephant Written by Jacob Kramer Illustrated by K-Fai Steele Published by Enchanted Lion Books You will be enchanted by the creativity that goes into the pasta making and the endearing civil disobedience. After being dragged through kangaroo court, jailed in … Continue reading

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Sewn in the West

Ian Hamilton Finlay as remembered by Stephen Scobie https://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poem/dancers-inherit-party/ Marvelous piece – part obit part commentary [H]e never ceased to show me things as rare, as beautiful, as whimsical, or as sublime as summer elephants. […] [T]he rough track up … Continue reading

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Listen Illusion

Stephen Heath “Ambiviolences: Notes for reading Jocye” in Post-Structuralist Jocye: Essays from the French edited by Derek Attridge and Daniel Ferrer This ‘soundscript’ is not the reproduction of speech, but the ceaseless confrontation of writing and speech in which reference … Continue reading

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I Hope It’s Toast

Alice Burdick Simple Master “Remembrance Day” I can’t help but read a pun on the name Kurt Weil in this passage. Large music comes from books, vile or Oklahoma. Cows fly in movies and dust heaps up mountains. If you … Continue reading

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Follow the Brush, Guide the Reading of Numberous

Thomas J. Harper Afterward to Jun’ichirō Tanizaki In Praise of Shadows One of the oldest and most deeply ingrained of Japanese attitudes to literary style holds that too obvious a structure is contrivance, that too orderly an exposition falsifies the … Continue reading

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A Set of Visual Puns

Wallace Edwards Mixed Beasts There is an appendix that gives a key made up of line drawings of some to the beasts to be found in the preceding colour illustrations. Here are a few drawn from the abecedarius order. Dandylion … Continue reading

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Pun: Hook, Line and Sinker

Madhur Anand New Index for Predicting Catastrophes “Nature Morte with Zoological Professor” The poem ends on a delightful jeux de mots invoking the homonymic possibilities of the bated/baited pair: “1 man / is going fishing today to forget about brains, … Continue reading

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Wry: using or expressing dry, especially mocking, humor

I have always gone through the mental motions of ducking when I finally unscramble the title of Rita Mae Brown’s book of poetry: The Hand That Cradles the Rock. Relish the irreverence of “The Great Pussblossom” is lobbed to the … Continue reading

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Led by the Nose

Cleverly designed ephemera. There’s a twinkle in the eyes from some small cutout triangles and of course there’s the nose inviting the reader to open the card to get at the words in a script as if written by hand. … Continue reading

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