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Rebecca L. SpangThe Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture Two of my favourite sentences in this book. The first on the 18th century view of restaurants: The miracles of digestion were not unfailing, however, and so vital … Continue reading

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Value and Price and Respect

From the essay “A Nation Rich in Natural Resources” collected in Home Economics comes this meditation by Wendell Berry upon the notion of value. We must also notice that as the natural energy approaches human usability, it passes through a … Continue reading

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Not All Pigs Are Equal

A longer quotation to tell the tale well: The vast majority of Haitians in the early 1980s were subsistence farmers with an annual income of about $130. The pigs were the “master component of the Haitian peasant production system,” according … Continue reading

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Ubik by Philip K. Dick has at the head of each section or chapter a mock advertisement set almost like the verse that accompanies the prose sections of Mennipean satire. For example, the eleventh: Taken as directed, Ubik provides uninterrupted … Continue reading

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