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I ♥ The Ubiquitous Promiscuous Heart

This line speaks to a modus vivendi… To ♥ New York is to love it in an epicurean way, with one’s whole body, to accept its flaws, to revel in its sensory overload, to become accustomed to the unexpected. which … Continue reading

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From Fear of Missing Out to Being Present

I like this direct attack. Puncturing the ballon with flair. Here’s an insight that I’ve had about success: You can’t be successful at everything. We hear a lot of talk about work-life balance. Nonsense. You can’t have it all. You … Continue reading

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Three More Minute Pauses

Three more aphorisms lifted from their embedding in surreal non sequiturs. Greg Evason The Red Blind Toronto: The Pink Dog Press, 1991 Swearing is justifiable when you are a walking dictionary. […] A word like prostitution can confuse a lot … Continue reading

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Aggregates and Equivalencies

W.S. Merwin on the progressive nature of translation from his forward to Selected Translations 1968-1978. But if we take a single word of any language and try to find an exact equivalent in another, even if the second language is … Continue reading

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Disciplined Patience

Sometimes how we write things is as important as what we write. I remember asking Marilyn Capreol about how to develop patience which she seemed to display abundantly. She said “The key to developing patience is discipline.” which I wrote … Continue reading

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Moral Mnemonic

Anne McCaffrey in the first volume of the Harper Hall trilogy, Dragonsong, has a lovely set of verses set as an epigraph to chapter 7. Who wills, Can. Who tries, Does. Who loves, Lives. I like how the lines are … Continue reading

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Michael Pollan in the introduction to his Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual has a take on policy that can be generalized from the case of rules applied to eating. He writes: Policies are useful tools. Instead of prescribing highly specific … Continue reading

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Just as “laughing out loud” got reprocessed as “lots of love”, RTFM when transmuted by the euphemism machine gives “Remember to Find Manual” Find it before you read it! And so for day 587 22.07.2008

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Sounds Like “Writer”

A fictional Duke of Wellington in Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell has this to say about the handling of certain experts Keep him to his task, but shew no surprize at any thing he does. That, my lords, … Continue reading

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Twist Turn Buzz

Epictetus may for a single passage in The Enchiridion sport the title of camp philosopher. As proof here I quote from the translation by Thomas W. Higginson in the Liberal Arts Press edition. If anyone tells you that a certain … Continue reading

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