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GAIA – Italian Style

Tracking down the acronym GAIA after seeing a BBC short on Sardinian longevity. Explained by Dr. Raffaele Sestu at 41 seconds in … and floating by fast. (for more https://www.bbc.com/reel/playlist/elixir-of-life?vpid=p08blgc4) And a print source: Da anni Gianni Pes, studioso di … Continue reading

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“I’m just saying, ‘Can we be slightly less stupid, and we’ll all be better off for it.'”

Dear Lindsay, On my walk today I noticed less pigeons and leaner pigeons and the squirrels were also looking slimmer. Less people feeding them less. The animals (including people) look more healthy. Everything is finally slowing down. In my slow … Continue reading

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Provenance Marking Inventions

Dr. Hilary Green @HilaryGreen77 Associate Professor, University of Alabama. Author of Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South (2016). via Julian Chambliss @JulianChambliss #Professor @MichiganStateu #BlackImaginary Exploring #Digital, #Comics, #Cities, & #Culture. #AssemblingtheMCU #CitiesImagined via Kathleen Fitzpatrick @kfitz … Continue reading

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“the tenacious pleasures of victimhood” Pankaj Mishra Consider a solution for lots of washroom and good/bad feminist debates: a Trans only, Cis only, Cis-Trans combined spaces, all fungible (mutually interchangeable) with proper signing and postage. Turn to Ontario Human Rights … Continue reading

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Research Ethics Researching Ethics

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans – TCPS 2 (2018) https://ethics.gc.ca/eng/tcps2-eptc2_2018_chapter1-chapitre1.html#b Retrieved: April 11, 2020. Where I come from we care. I sign on to these core principles: The guidelines in this Policy are based on the … Continue reading

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Flora from the Gut

A co-worker friend and I were conversing about the spectrum of lactose intolerance and the long long time of gradual adjusting of habits to improve digestive health. We came up with this renku sequence: eat your beans make raspberries do … Continue reading

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Right Words in the Right Place – Overcoming Stigma

If one looks at the jour le jour (Day by Day) page for Berneval https://berneval.hcommons.org/jour-le-jour/ One sees listed medications. One is for HIV+ the other for a mental health condition. I thus avoid a clinical label and it is up … Continue reading

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From a meditation on the 4 Principles of RCAP*

Story Hunter Stories lie in mirrors. Stories slip in film strips and along slide rulers. Stories twist and recombine like the strands of helix. Each story is open and blind. Each story offers a façade onto the unknown. With instruments … Continue reading

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The Spent and the Extended

A good place to begin thinking about social infrastructure and the impact of epidemics is to trace with Sontag the economics of psychic investments and divestments… Susan Sontag Illness as Metaphor Early capitalism assumes the necessity of regulated spending, saving, … Continue reading

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The Sensual and the Intellectual

Why food matters Ruth Reichl’s 2005 Tanner Lectures https://tannerlectures.utah.edu/_documents/a-to-z/r/Reichl_2007.pdf When you eat with all your senses you open yourself to the glorious pleasures of taste and touch and smell as they go rushing through your body. That is no small … Continue reading

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