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actualization of the potential form

life writing writing life … Daphne Marlatt “writing in order to be” In Sp/elles: Poetry by Canadian Women edited by Judith Fitzgerald perhaps the motivation behind the push to new forms is the need to find a way of writing … Continue reading

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Cooking or Games of Stage & Set

Via Naomi Duguid http://naomiduguid.com/twitter/ Nigella Lawson “Home Cooking Can Be a Feminist Act” https://www.lennyletter.com/story/nigella-lawson-home-cooking-can-be-a-feminist-act Real cooking is what happens in the home. Restaurant cooking can be fabulous, inspiring, transcendent, and oh-so-marvelous in many ways, but for me it will always … Continue reading

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Frag Meant Meat

http://www.bpnichol.ca/archive/audio/not-what-siren-sang-what-frag-ment Not What the Siren Sang But What the Frag Ment (for Margaret Alison) From the 7 ¼ floppy record borders included in the box bp, published in February 1967 by Coach House Press (Toronto, Ontario). Appeared in Konfessions of … Continue reading

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undotting the i-candy

Felix Gonzalez-Torres B. 1957, GUÁIMARO, CUBA; D. 1996, MIAMI Gonzalez-Torres invited physical as well as intellectual engagement from viewers. His sculptures of wrapped candies spilled in corners or spread on floors like carpets, such as “Untitled” (Public Opinion) (1991), defy … Continue reading

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Torque Variations and Matrix Manipulations

DWR first found these and tethered I keep reeling… Tautened Tongue Tension Taunted Tongue Tension (Tautened Tongue) Tension Tautened (Tongue Tension) Haunted by the taunting… And so for day 2133 15.10.2012

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Meet the Wort Family

Anna Pavord in the preface to the Herbology section of Harry Potter – A History of Magic: The Book of the Exhibition (At the British Library) waxes eloquently on plant names and the very special magic contained in etymology. She … Continue reading

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Transcendental Orphans

There is a smart aleck joke in the notes to Stephen Scobie’s bpNichol: What History Teaches. First the text block on page 118 that provides the “anchor” for the note in question. But, given the multiplicity of language, this whole … Continue reading

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Dialogue as Exclusion of the Third via Noise Introduction

Serres Hermes I See Serres, Hermes 66-67: [doCtored with typographiC noise] Following scientific tradition, let us Call noise the set of these phenomena of interferenCe that become obstaCles to CommuniCation. Thus, CaCography is the noise of graphiC form or, rather, … Continue reading

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Ordering Counting Questioning

John Cage Would I have to know how to count in order to ask questions? A line sandwiched between the following: Would I have to know how many questions I was going to ask? […] Do I have to know … Continue reading

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Anagram Margana

Susan Holbrook in the notes to Throaty Wipes helpfully points out that the lines in “What is Poetry” are anagrams of the title. The collection bears as its title one of these lines. I like the associations that arise from … Continue reading

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