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On readiness and redness

An encounter with the thought of Umberto Eco through the figure of the anacoluthon. Continue reading

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Concrete Leavings

Susan Holbrookink earl p. 50 (in the Food section) easy uverora e c b ld m r s p. 62 (in the Art section) Erasean eraser a  dandsign i  t p. 80 (in the Music section) artandwritingstanda s    ide p. 109 (in the … Continue reading

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Querying and Queering Digital Humanities

A seriously engaging tour de force. “Why Are the Digital Humanities So Straight?” by Edmond Y. Chang in Alternative Historiographies of the Digital Humanities edited by Dorothy Kim, Adeline Koh It is described as “An essay in the form of … Continue reading

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In A Previous Life I Was a Crème Caramel

Brooks Haxton, translator Fragments: the collected wisdom of Heraclitus 17 Pythagoras may well have been the deepest in his learning of all men. And still he claimed to recollect details of former lives, being in one a cucumber and one … Continue reading

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The Rules of Play

Kate Raworth “Get Savvy with Systems” Doughnut Economics: 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist Worth quoting at length this capsule history of the Monopoly board game. The game’s inventor, Elizabeth Magie, was an outspoken supporter of Henry … Continue reading

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Human Alliance & Network Games

A game … A name … Bolo is a video game created for the BBC Micro computer by Stuart Cheshire in 1987, and later ported to the Macintosh in its most popular incarnation. It is a networked multiplayer game that … Continue reading

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No, more pipelines

Note the comma placement. Transcription: [in ink] | < [centred over "more"] [in pencil] No, more pipelines Giving at St. Mikes philanthropy who gives what when to                                              whom who gets acknowledged . * * * * * * * I … Continue reading

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Star Crystal

This began as an exchange about the Pantone Color Institute and wishfully getting jobs there setting the colour of the year. We then moved on to found our own colour consultancy agency. My friend thought I would be good at … Continue reading

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actualization of the potential form

life writing writing life … Daphne Marlatt “writing in order to be” In Sp/elles: Poetry by Canadian Women edited by Judith Fitzgerald perhaps the motivation behind the push to new forms is the need to find a way of writing … Continue reading

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Cooking or Games of Stage & Set

Via Naomi Duguid http://naomiduguid.com/twitter/ Nigella Lawson “Home Cooking Can Be a Feminist Act” https://www.lennyletter.com/story/nigella-lawson-home-cooking-can-be-a-feminist-act Real cooking is what happens in the home. Restaurant cooking can be fabulous, inspiring, transcendent, and oh-so-marvelous in many ways, but for me it will always … Continue reading

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