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From the Stoa

How does one differentiate statues of Hadrian from statues of Marcus Aurelius? See https://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2020/apr/16/how-stoics-are-speaking-to-locked-down-readers Where I mistook the one for the other. Perhaps they are both Stoics?! Where Alison Flood curates this tidbit: “Be like the rocky headland on which … Continue reading

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Throwing the Book Look : Reading the Riot Act with the Dictionary

Law as mass noun as count noun [something to do with counting and amassing] – let this percolate – Note in my drafts this reading of the riot act overwrote the Cis-trans-cis/trans posting to Berneval — these topics are like … Continue reading

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Labyrinth in Labyrinth

Entrance Anne Carson. red doc>. His teacher at med school called him a minotaur who swallows other people’s labyrinths. Good I’ll do psychiatry he said. Centre Paal-Helge Haugen. Meditations on Georges de La Tour. Translated by Roger Greenwald. The simplest … Continue reading

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Smooth Striations

Almost like a reminder of the room as time-machine in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency [and for this reader: the metaphor of the book in hand as time-machine], the potential of language as a transportation device is referenced by Marie-Laure … Continue reading

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Pack Rats and Control Freaks

Jennifer Bennett in the “On Earth” chapter of Our Gardens Our Selves Despite my calling this place mine, I had come to realize that I was a visitor. I had only a temporary influence upon a place with its own … Continue reading

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There is a game issued as “jobware” by Ryan Koopmans called Chrysanthemum (copyright 1993) for play under the classic macintosh system. Ikebana meets Tetris. I hope that Ryan’s talents were picked up by a worthy employer. The game has a … Continue reading

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… poetry in Robert Silverberg The Stochastic Man, these lines pages apart and yet necessarily connected by their improbability: pale petrol nostalgia penguins in the veldt The first line is slightly modified from its near copy found in the text. … Continue reading

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