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Querying and Queering Digital Humanities

A seriously engaging tour de force. “Why Are the Digital Humanities So Straight?” by Edmond Y. Chang in Alternative Historiographies of the Digital Humanities edited by Dorothy Kim, Adeline Koh It is described as “An essay in the form of … Continue reading

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From the Stoa

How does one differentiate statues of Hadrian from statues of Marcus Aurelius? See https://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2020/apr/16/how-stoics-are-speaking-to-locked-down-readers Where I mistook the one for the other. Perhaps they are both Stoics?! Where Alison Flood curates this tidbit: “Be like the rocky headland on which … Continue reading

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As the Crow Flies – A Garden

Visitors to the Museum London (Ontario) can see Ron Benner’s water garden installation As Crows Flies (2005), which has been growing just outside the museum doors … it even features fish for mosquito control. There is a charming and informative … Continue reading

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Labyrinth in Labyrinth

Entrance Anne Carson. red doc>. His teacher at med school called him a minotaur who swallows other people’s labyrinths. Good I’ll do psychiatry he said. Centre Paal-Helge Haugen. Meditations on Georges de La Tour. Translated by Roger Greenwald. The simplest … Continue reading

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Smooth Striations

Almost like a reminder of the room as time-machine in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency [and for this reader: the metaphor of the book in hand as time-machine], the potential of language as a transportation device is referenced by Marie-Laure … Continue reading

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Pack Rats and Control Freaks

Jennifer Bennett in the “On Earth” chapter of Our Gardens Our Selves Despite my calling this place mine, I had come to realize that I was a visitor. I had only a temporary influence upon a place with its own … Continue reading

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There is a game issued as “jobware” by Ryan Koopmans called Chrysanthemum (copyright 1993) for play under the classic macintosh system. Ikebana meets Tetris. I hope that Ryan’s talents were picked up by a worthy employer. The game has a … Continue reading

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… poetry in Robert Silverberg The Stochastic Man, these lines pages apart and yet necessarily connected by their improbability: pale petrol nostalgia penguins in the veldt The first line is slightly modified from its near copy found in the text. … Continue reading

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