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Music versus Meaning

Finnegans Wake was another intimidating work singled out by Caedmon. According to the album’s liner notes, speech acts as both “concert” and “crutch” in helping readers to appreciate Joyce’s linguistic sonority: “With a work like Finnegans Wake, it may well … Continue reading

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Listing Two Ways of Listening

Phil HallGuthrie Clothing: The Poetry of Phil Hall, a Selected Collage To listen    they lean forward    kids dowhen you read to them    they listthey know how to listen but adults think of things they have to dothey lean back    tick off items on a … Continue reading

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Voices Preserved

“Playing” – one in a series – this oral history piece collects the voices of older adults reminiscing about the games they played as children. Brilliantly crafted in a way to evoke the intercutting of neighbourhood sounds. http://www.harbordvillagehistory.ca/storypost/14.html While out … Continue reading

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As If Donning a Rococo Wig: Listening and Noting

Would there be sampling here? Fanfarinette / Rameau Holberg Suite, Op. 40: III. Gavotte / Greig I unfortunately don’t read music and go by my faulty ear but there may here be a musical intertext. What the ear discovered, the … Continue reading

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Quid Pro Quo Quandary

The problem with fundamentalists, monotheist or not, is their intolerance of the unbeliever. The problem of unbelievers is that intolerance on the part of the faithful who do not abide by the precepts of their faith to practice tolerance. Which … Continue reading

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lacuna lacrimosa

$$ GReaT Mary, mother of JesUs $$ This post is inspired by Lindsay Blackwell who has a penchant of !@#$% language. We were talking about the struggle for a four day work week. And we noticed on the QWERTY keyboard … Continue reading

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American Style Pasta

Noodlephant Written by Jacob Kramer Illustrated by K-Fai Steele Published by Enchanted Lion Books You will be enchanted by the creativity that goes into the pasta making and the endearing civil disobedience. After being dragged through kangaroo court, jailed in … Continue reading

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First Lesson: Proper Names

T.H. White The Sword in the Stone Merlyn is not yet officially Wart’s tutor but the lessons have begun. Two points to capture the implications of this scene: 1) Arthur is nicknamed Wart, (rhymes with Art, short for his real … Continue reading

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Judith Kerr on Mog the Cat: images and words

From an episode of BBC’s Desert Island Discs https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07kjbsv At 22:55 into the interview Sue Lawley: The text and the pictures, your illustrations are very interwoven aren’t they? Sometimes one takes the narrative lead; sometimes the other. Kerr: I started … Continue reading

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Venture a Voicing

Dare you to read this aloud (or at least subvoclaize): The experience of reading poetry aloud when you don’t fully understand it is a curious and complicated one. It’s like suddenly discovering that you can play the organ. Rolling swells … Continue reading

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