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Working Without a Net

At 5:20 minutes … I’m not interested in an insurance plan for my work. Leonard Cohen in an interview with Adrienne Clarkson 1966 And so for day 2826 07.09.2014

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Captioning Affirmative

Any one who has watched a video resource with closed captioning (whether or not we are permanently deaf) owes a debt of gratitude to those who have gone before… Alan Haythornthwaite obituary From 1980 to 1998 he was manager … Continue reading

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As the Crow Flies – A Garden

Visitors to the Museum London (Ontario) can see Ron Benner’s water garden installation As Crows Flies (2005), which has been growing just outside the museum doors … it even features fish for mosquito control. There is a charming and informative … Continue reading

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The Mashup of Mashups

Produced by artistic (collective?) zzthex … this is a visual and aural treat. Imagine all the care and time in assembling, selecting, and stringing together. One minute and fifty-five seconds. good morning good evening i’d like to welcome all of … Continue reading

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Being Well

The Well of Being, a children’s book for adults written and illustrated by Jean-Pierre Weill Near the middle of the book there is a turn. Throughout the book each page of words is faced on the next page by an … Continue reading

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Rebecca Belmore and Osvaldo Yero Hart House Centennial Commission waabidiziiyan doopwining (to see yourself at the table) The reflective surface is the size of the tables in the Great Hall. Hung at the same height as the portraits that line … Continue reading

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Seeds Cast from a Train

This is set up by remarks by Jonathan Lethem about the anti-intellectualism of American culture: “even American arts culture has a very violent anti-intellectual streak in it.” Lethem’s remarks help us as viewers understand the poignant finale to The Polymath, … Continue reading

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A Commitment to Sufficiency

Wendell Piez Pellucid Literature * Likewise, incoming requests are never watched or tracked, to say nothing of counted or analyzed. This isn’t that kind of transaction either. Pellucid Literature does not take your name, watch your IP address or … Continue reading

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Windows and Stars

Brian Cullman Helpless: On the Poetry of Neil Young The Paris Review October 23, 2012 I forwarded the piece to my friend Bill Flicker, out in Los Angeles, who wrote back that he never listens to Neil Young’s words, … Continue reading

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Video Game : Generations

Chris Banks The Cloud Versus Grand Unification Theory “All-Night Arcade” Being in the zone. Being from the zone. Time and space stand still for the price of a quarter. […] Nostalgia is a verdict for not living well, which is … Continue reading

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