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Garden Views

Joseph Addison Spectator No. 63 [The forms of wit: an allegorical analysis] edited by John Loftis The essay outlines in a Spenser-like fashion the domain of the goddess of Falsehood and the minions of mixed wit to culminate at the … Continue reading

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From an old journal entry, copied in letters to friends, a fascination meteorological. Cool Weather Ahead. Slowly with the cool weather signs of spring unfold. Very happy to see the tips of tulips but sad that the snowdrops, those hardy … Continue reading

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Floral Gender-Bending

Vita Sackville-West. Some Flowers. Plates by Graham Rust. The entry on Tulipa Clusiana, the Lady Tulip, ends […] the slim little Lady Tulip who is more like a boy. which recalls the beginning She is familiarly called the Lady Tulip, … Continue reading

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Parsing Transcriptions

“Last Day” Timothy Liu in Say Goodnight Empty vases left in every room of the house. Those backyard bulbs releasing a company of spears — each tulip’s guarded flame a color only the gardener knows. A company of spears / … Continue reading

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Scratch Lit

There is a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen Ralph Maud on obscurity… (“Recurrences” chapter in What Does Not Change: The Significance of Charles Olson’s “The Kingfishers”) Obscurities do not push one away from a … Continue reading

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Revisiting Rapunzel

Stanley Kunitz in his forward to Beginning With O by Olga Broumas helpfully points out that the poems inspired by fairy tales also pay homage to Anne Sexton. As Kunitz remarks they “pay Sexton the tribute of imitating, though not … Continue reading

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I have spent months brooding over some four lines of poetry. I initially thought that the rhyme paint/faint was too strong until I realized that it was the sound within a line (the relation of “wilt” and “faint”) that was … Continue reading

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What Poets Do

There are some wonderful passages to lift from Guy Davenport The Geography of the Imagination: Forty Essays. One occurs in “Spinoza’s Tulips” [an essay on Wallace Stevens] where the world nourishes the work of cogitation: [O]nce it is understood […] … Continue reading

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Song and Bloom

Amy Lowell “Lilacs” reminds me of Walt Whitman (“When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d“) in its reach but its far shorter lines betoken a far different relation between botany and geography than Whitman’s lament. Lowell has us on a … Continue reading

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