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Garden Inhabitants

I like how the tricolon trips up on the enjambement. Then all our goblins would turn out to be elves, Our vampires guides, our demons angels In that garden. Lines from Ted Hughes “Stubbing Wharfe” in Birthday Letters. I like … Continue reading

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Morals, Legacies and Books

Patti Smith about the recording of Horses at Electric Lady. From her memoir, Just Kids. Jimi Hendrix never came back to create his new musical language, but he left behind a studio that resonated all his hopes for the future … Continue reading

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Fadi Abou-Rihan in “Affect-Time” posted at The Psychoanalytic Field provides us with an enlightening tricolon: Indeed, there is nothing unitary about the drive, the dream, and the transference; the drive is polymorphous, the dream is overdetermined, and the transference is … Continue reading

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Careful Hanging Careless

You may not care for the spot she is heading for but you must admire the route she takes. This is the conclusion to a poem: In the sun’s wake I almost succeeded in becoming a boy, fastening myself to … Continue reading

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Ways of Observing

Julia Kristeva in the novel The Samurai has a character, Olga, describe in a commentary on the novel, Exodus, of another character, Sinteuil. I like how the simple tricolon is made to house an abundance. Sinteuil saw a letter as … Continue reading

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3 limbs of levity

The Periodic Table by Primo Levi translated by Raymond Rosenthal has a marvellous tricolon. Prometheus had been foolish to bestow fire on men instead of selling it to them: he would have made money, placated Jove, and avoided all that … Continue reading

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