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Carrion Call

Almost as if taken from a Parsi description of exposure in the Tower of Silence, Robert Bringhurst brings us to a new appreciation of feasting when he mediates upon the carcass of a dead fawn. In terms of meat, there … Continue reading

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Robert Bringhurst makes a convincing case for taking up a vocation in a lecture given at the University of Victoria, British Columbia in 1998 under the title “The Vocation of Being, The Text of the Whole” available in The Tree … Continue reading

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Beasts and the Nature of Prayer

Robert Bringhurst A typographic mind is just as alert to the invisible as to the visible. It is a mind with at least four feet: one in the visual, one in the manual, one in the lingual and one in … Continue reading

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Dreaming Mimesis

Robert Bringhurst in “Poetry and Thinking” in Thinking and Singing edited by Tim Lilburn. But not to repeat. Mimesis is not repetition. One way of answering that music [poetry as a music we lean to see, to feel, to hear, … Continue reading

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The Age of Reading

I love the ecological turn of mind. And in the recapitulation the earthworms are left behind. And in so being taken on an aura of their own. A nonmaterial definition of the book comes hand in hand, it seems to … Continue reading

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The Culinary and the Typographic

One of the joys of reading Robert Bringhurst is the analogies he draws between the world of typography and other world practices. Like archery for Zen, it is a guide to life that is provided along with instruction in a … Continue reading

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Insight, typographic and otherwise

Robert Bringhurst The slash, like the dash, is more various in real life than it is on the typewriter keyboard. The Elements of Typographic Style And so for day 482 08.04.2008

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