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The How and What

Madhur Jaffrey Introduction An Invitation to Indian Cooking Sometimes, as you glance at a couple of recipes, the spices used might look identical, which may lead you to the conclusion that the two dishes will taste the same. But that’s … Continue reading

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A Recent Death

Agatha Christie Murder at the Vicarage I do love the television adaptations of the Miss Marple series. I also love the novels for the tricks that are hard to reproduce televisually. I like how Christie through the voice of her … Continue reading

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Teachable Teacher as Desiring Machine

Astrid Ensslin (“Towards Relational Posthumanism: Writing new body worlds in digital fiction”) in the Spectrums of Digital Humanities series hosted by McGill University Digital Humanities provided theoretical background and screen shots of a project (“Writing New Bodies“) which uses methods … Continue reading

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Choice and Shape or the Shape of Choice

Margaret Thomas Kelso Peter Weyhrauch Joseph Bates “Dramatic Presence” in Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments January 1993 Finally, we wanted to know if the interactor could be guided without feeling manipulated. We believe that providing a satisfying experience for an … Continue reading

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Offering a programme and a reference to a call to action, Andreas Malm in Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency States in advanced capitalist countries could claim to have acted on the dangers of pandemics the moment they made the following announcement: … Continue reading

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The Rules of Play

Kate Raworth “Get Savvy with Systems” Doughnut Economics: 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist Worth quoting at length this capsule history of the Monopoly board game. The game’s inventor, Elizabeth Magie, was an outspoken supporter of Henry … Continue reading

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Duration and Endurance

I am thinking about time and theories of change after reading Suzanne Guerlac‘s Thinking in Time. But first a detour through the poets:. As Seamus Heaney wrote (in another context) “A new rhythm, after all, is a new life given … Continue reading

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Time, Transmission, Learning

Dear Friend, Thank you for the long view over the Montreal skyline into the landscape beyond. I, myself, tend to capture specimens in my own or “borrowed” gardens when out on walks. My long view is temporal. For some gardens … Continue reading

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3N Plus

Brenda LaurelComputers as Theatre – Second Edition Side Bar page 83 At first, we thought simply to build a game […] But as we began conceptualizing the game, we realized that we were actually building a world; material in that … Continue reading

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Simple Words Touching

Roopika Risam “Telling Untold Stories: Digital Textual Recovery Methods” in lewis levenberg, Tai Neilson, David Rheams (eds) Research Methods for the Digital Humanities. As the digital cultural record continues to be developed, it is critical to ensure that writers who … Continue reading

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