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Delirious Othering Details

Critics have noted the play in Nicole Brossard’s Amantes of délire and de lire. JE N’ARRÊTE PAS DE LIRE EN CE JUIN DES AMANTES There is an echo elsewhere in Amantes in a quotation from Italian in “ma continent” “Non … Continue reading

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Licking the Good Finger

This was making the rounds in 2000… it’s timeless in its wisdom. Des étudiants en médecine reçoivent leur premier cours d’anatomie avec un vrai corps humain. Ils sont tous réunis autour d’une table d’opération avec le corps recouvert d’un drap … Continue reading

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La Guerre, Yes Sir!

Jacques Derrida trans. Geoff Bennington “Two Words for Joyce” In Post-Structuralist Joyce: Essays from the French edited by Derek Attridge and Daniel Ferrer Derrida comments at length on HE WAR — two words from Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. At one point … Continue reading

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Home Page — Paging Home

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine offers glimpses into one’s past like this home page from 2001 What you may ask is a home page? A personal home page historically has served as a means of self-portrayal, job-related presentation, and … Continue reading

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Brown Bodies – Resistances

Aleatory curating. The titles of their books: Hana Shafi It begins with the body Maged Zaher the consequences of my body The use of anaphora and repetition: i stayed up all night writing poetry drank my sadness; it was sweet … Continue reading

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Body Less Word More

Nathalie Stephens Touch to Affliction First the invocation of distance… It is not possible in your language to grieve. To touch the lungs that collapse or the bones that break. Water pouring from an unbreathing mouth. It is not a … Continue reading

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間 Space Architecture Space 間

Judy Halebsky Tree Line “Space, Gap, Interval, Distance” She concludes the poem with an ekphrasis of the written character followed by a mise en page (via an extended gap between words) that reduplicates the notion of negative space explicated in … Continue reading

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The Gender of the Geologist

There is a lovely book that is a combination of artist’s life and cookbook published in the United States under the title Cézanne and the Provençal Table (New York: Clarkson Potter, 1995). The English translator is uncredited. On page 74 … Continue reading

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Autour de la “jolie femme”

The 1972 edition in the series Nouveaux classiques Larousse reproduces on its cover an illustration of the 1821 edition Smart. Compact. But Incomplete. The first excised section in this edition for schools of Diderot’s Le neveu de Rameau is marked … Continue reading

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Translation – What It Was – What It Does

Kate Briggs This Little Art p. 323 [A]gain her translations were both well-received and commercially successful. Horton concedes that by our current standards, ‘the line between empathetic identification, idiosyncratic assimilation and problematic appropriation’ in her approach can seem ‘truly thin’. … Continue reading

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