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Synth Perv

Top right corner, green ink, partial underline: probably indicates the topic: synesthesia. Green highlight of a paper by Peng Yi with Latin phrase (Litterae Pervversae) in the title; right margin inscription: Peversity [sic] & Synesthesia. Long line down the edge … Continue reading

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Error Localization

In transcribing this, I so want to introduce a spelling mistake. But we cannot judge in the same way the charm of a person who is, like everyone else, exterior to ourselves, painted upon the horizon of our mind, and … Continue reading

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A visual two colour note that partakes of the margins. In blue there is a reference to Linda Hutcheon drawing upon the work of Peter Dews (likely Logics of Disintegration: Post-Structuralist Thought and the Claims of Critical Theory) to discuss … Continue reading

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Writing the Line

Steno pads sometimes get buried in the book shelf which results in an asynchronous dialogue between entries distanced in time. For example, this entry from 2001 is revisited in 2002. 13/03/01 Rumi has a line about being the moisture in … Continue reading

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Nip Nip Na Poo

I have been intrigued with matrices since high school algebra. The layout of this little bit was influenced by the square form of the sticky note. nippy nip nip nap nap   na poo   Baby talk: sheer love of … Continue reading

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Versions of Form

These notes jump but it is still interesting to see how a transcription of a four-part relation is paired with musings about the thinker’s limitations in regards to cross-modal sensory translations. Nelson Goodman Ways of Worldmaking As meanings vanish in … Continue reading

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Beginning at the End

I remember playing the role of Rumplestiltskin in a school play back in grade one or grade two. The tune and lines of the little man’s song have been with me since. “Rumplestiltskin, one two, three.” I thought that this … Continue reading

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Space and Place Mediated by Language

Or at least this is what I think this is aiming at: What is the connection between belonging to a place moving through a space + vocabulary at hand                     ? That question mark hooked onto vocabulary or all that goes … Continue reading

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The long way round to fast

Odd fragment of a dialogue … precipitously I don’t know what that word means. Take your time finding out. I like the tension that is introduced by precipitous and taking one’s time. And so for day 1849 05.01.2012

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Field Coordination

Jerome Bruner Actual Minds, Possible Worlds These notes (a mess to a certain degree) focus on description and implies its importance for narration. Burner introduces his analysis via a discussion of primitive syntax (topic + comment) from the more general … Continue reading

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