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Out of Lurking

Roland Barthes towards the end of Criticism and Truth in the last section (“Reading”) translated by Katrine Pilcher Keuneman gives an account of four functions in the Medieval transmission of verbal artefacts: scriptor: who copies without adding anything compilator: who … Continue reading

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Cited for UnSpeakable Speech Acts

Juvrianto Chrissunday Jakob, English Lecturer, An English Enthusiast and Coffee Lover ( < I learnt today about (a modest payment to view the articles housed there $5 per month as of April 20, 2020). I came across this fellow … Continue reading

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Research Ethics Researching Ethics

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans – TCPS 2 (2018) Retrieved: April 11, 2020. Where I come from we care. I sign on to these core principles: The guidelines in this Policy are based on the … Continue reading

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Stardust Thoughts in Granite

In a 1996 summer stay on the campus of Princeton during the CETH [Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities] Summer Seminar I was delighted to come across this evocative sculpture/installation in a quiet sunny corner. I later learnt more … Continue reading

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間 Space Architecture Space 間

Judy Halebsky Tree Line “Space, Gap, Interval, Distance” She concludes the poem with an ekphrasis of the written character followed by a mise en page (via an extended gap between words) that reduplicates the notion of negative space explicated in … Continue reading

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Pulse and Poetry

I came across a list of ingredients with names in French. Black eyed peas was given as haricots oeil de perdrix which in back translation gives partridge eye beans. Thanks to Dixon Long in Markets of Provence for the compilation. … Continue reading

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Synth Perv

Top right corner, green ink, partial underline: probably indicates the topic: synesthesia. Green highlight of a paper by Peng Yi with Latin phrase (Litterae Pervversae) in the title; right margin inscription: Peversity [sic] & Synesthesia. Long line down the edge … Continue reading

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Error Localization

In transcribing this, I so want to introduce a spelling mistake. But we cannot judge in the same way the charm of a person who is, like everyone else, exterior to ourselves, painted upon the horizon of our mind, and … Continue reading

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A visual two colour note that partakes of the margins. In blue there is a reference to Linda Hutcheon drawing upon the work of Peter Dews (likely Logics of Disintegration: Post-Structuralist Thought and the Claims of Critical Theory) to discuss … Continue reading

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Writing the Line

Steno pads sometimes get buried in the book shelf which results in an asynchronous dialogue between entries distanced in time. For example, this entry from 2001 is revisited in 2002. 13/03/01 Rumi has a line about being the moisture in … Continue reading

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