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Magical Bookcases

There is this cartoon by Mike Baldwin, the creator of Cornered, which shows what looks like a boss showing off a new bookcase and remarking: “I wanted a bookcase with a secret door that led somewhere magical, mystical and mysterious. … Continue reading

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The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (PM Press, 2011) Cory Doctorow interviewed by Terry Bisson On staying on top of information flows… With a little help from my friends. As a culture, we have gone from a deterministic method of consumption … Continue reading

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Reading and Wave Leaping

This sums up what reading the book is like: He did not like the grown-ups who talked down to him, but the ones who went on talking in their usual way, leaving him to leap along in their wake, jumping … Continue reading

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Priming the Pump

On the literary mindset. I wonder if there may not be a “placebo” effect. Koopman and Hakemulder note the possibility of prompting: A simple solution for many of the methodological problems involved here, is using an instruction variable, leading one … Continue reading

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Listen Illusion

Stephen Heath “Ambiviolences: Notes for reading Jocye” in Post-Structuralist Jocye: Essays from the French edited by Derek Attridge and Daniel Ferrer This ‘soundscript’ is not the reproduction of speech, but the ceaseless confrontation of writing and speech in which reference … Continue reading

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actualization of the potential form

life writing writing life … Daphne Marlatt “writing in order to be” In Sp/elles: Poetry by Canadian Women edited by Judith Fitzgerald perhaps the motivation behind the push to new forms is the need to find a way of writing … Continue reading

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Home Page — Paging Home

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine offers glimpses into one’s past like this home page from 2001 What you may ask is a home page? A personal home page historically has served as a means of self-portrayal, job-related presentation, and … Continue reading

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The Phenomenology of the Hand-held

From a town in eastern Canada (Kentville, Nova Scotia) comes this “simplistic example” notable for its meditation on technology, commerce and craft… Andrew Steves Smoke Proofs: Essays on Literary Publishing, Printing & Typography “The Ecology of Publishing: an interview” I … Continue reading

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Maps of Misreading

Encountering Dense Discourse and Utopian Leanings Tamsin Spargo on Gender Trouble The misreading of performativity as choosing gender, like selecting from a wardrobe, may stem from a utopian desire to evade the compulsions of the binary gender system and heterosexuality … Continue reading

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As the Crow Flies

Roger Deakin Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees “Cockatoo” ‘Suppose you couldn’t see a single tree. How would you find water?’ I asked Latz and Albrecht. ‘You would have to kill a wallaby or something, rub the meat with plenty of … Continue reading

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