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Banquet Hunger II

#picnic “Breaking bread with the dead is not a scholarly task to be completed but a permanent banquet, to which all who hunger are invited.” Alan Jacobs – Breaking Bread with the Dead: A Reader’s Guide to a More Tranquil … Continue reading

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Out of Lurking

Roland Barthes towards the end of Criticism and Truth in the last section (“Reading”) translated by Katrine Pilcher Keuneman gives an account of four functions in the Medieval transmission of verbal artefacts: scriptor: who copies without adding anything compilator: who … Continue reading

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Hermeneutical Symmetries

I have been following the postings of José Angel García Landa at the Humanities Commons Narrative Theory and Narratology site. One posting brought me to rethink again the status of the relation between narration and description: To the temporal … Continue reading

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Cosmos — World — Field — Field — World — Cosmos

Byung-Chul Han The Scent of Time Translated by Daniel Steuer Out of nothing, narration makes world. […] The world becomes readable, like a picture. You need only let your gaze move here, move there, in order to read the sense, … Continue reading

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3N Plus

Brenda Laurel Computers as Theatre – Second Edition Side Bar page 83 At first, we thought simply to build a game […] But as we began conceptualizing the game, we realized that we were actually building a world; material in … Continue reading

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Training & Turning

Gillian Parrish notes: “Communicate your exercises in an inviting tone that generates excitement so students want to take part in them. This is key.” Parrish observes A recent student’s final reflection captured the purpose of these seemingly small weekly … Continue reading

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Tasting truth: three transcriptions

A taste for truth is not necessarily a taste for non fiction. FL 14.01.07 Gadamer p. 251 Fontina Biographical Companion to Modern Thought Gadamer represents understanding not so much as a methodical act of reconstruction of a text, event or … Continue reading

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paratexts and patter

Ever noticed that a truncated acronym can have a marked effect on the public perception of an organization’s mandate? Take for instance CDC which expanded should net “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”. Minding ps and qs. In another matter, … Continue reading

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From the Stoa

How does one differentiate statues of Hadrian from statues of Marcus Aurelius? See Where I mistook the one for the other. Perhaps they are both Stoics?! Where Alison Flood curates this tidbit: “Be like the rocky headland on which … Continue reading

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Erotic Reconnections

Sniff and Sip — Sip and Sniff Taste is made for pairings — grounds you even more in the now more than smell : it’s on the tip of your tongue Taste is a sense that loves to be paired … Continue reading

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