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Listen Illusion

Stephen Heath “Ambiviolences: Notes for reading Jocye” in Post-Structuralist Jocye: Essays from the French edited by Derek Attridge and Daniel Ferrer This ‘soundscript’ is not the reproduction of speech, but the ceaseless confrontation of writing and speech in which reference … Continue reading

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Home Page — Paging Home

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine offers glimpses into one’s past like this home page from 2001 What you may ask is a home page? A personal home page historically has served as a means of self-portrayal, job-related presentation, and … Continue reading

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Space, Smell and Memory

Ursula K. Le Guin “Living in a Work of Art” Words Are My Matter She grew up in a redwood house designed by Bernard Maybeck. She remembers: The pantry, off the narrow hall at the foot of the back stairs … Continue reading

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Sculpture and the Real and the Quotation and the Real “Quotation”

Ben Lerner from The Lichtenberg Figures A history of the medium fishtailing into a very postmodern consideration of discourse. Beauty cannot account for how the sparkplug works. But if the sparkplug doesn’t work, it is more beautiful. If I display … Continue reading

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Reluctance of the Verb

The allusion here is to the secret life of plants and the roots/routes of tree talk. On trees communicating with each other see An analogy between the human world of relations and trees in the city] concludes “Boxed In” … Continue reading

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On Being Still and Still Being Open

Is it a wonder I like whitespace that surrounds a poem? A first-person remark commenting on an article on introverts and leadership: I like to think that leadership is grounded in listening. I need to get quiet to listen well. … Continue reading

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per os / per nasum

It began with this bit and the rumour about vanilla. Screwpine (Pandanus amaryllifolius) In the West we forget the close relationship between perfume and flavourings. Odd to think that Parisian perfumiers once put it about that vanilla was poisonous to … Continue reading

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Shadow Dawn

It was the voice that led me to uncover more about the lyrics. They are read by Tilda Swinton. “How enduring, how we need durability The sky before sunrise is soaked with light Rosy colour tints buildings, bridges, and the … Continue reading

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F R A N C O I S [fʁɑ̃swa]

A visit to the coffee shop. I know they will get my order correct and I dread how they will mangle my name. We are not in Montréal where “François” would be quite common. I usually pronounce and spell (sometimes … Continue reading

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Who Needs Pictures?

A touching anecdote, vivid for anyone who has lain a head on a loved one’s breast: My earliest reading memory When no one knew I was deaf, my dad used to read Goodnight Moon and Happy Birthday Moon by Margaret … Continue reading

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