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Thrown for a Loop

It took me a while to piece together the elements of this advertising campaign. Timed to coincide with Gay and Lesbian Pride, it ran during the month of June and into July at the corner of Church and Bloor in … Continue reading

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In Lights

Canadian Opera Company brochure: front and back. Gertrude Stein’s last words are reputed to be “What is the answer?… In that case … what is the question?” What Is Remembered (1963) by Alice B. Toklas And so for day 2425 … Continue reading

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Strands and Tiles

Interlacing two strands the picture is explained by two lines below. Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Created during a residency at the Facebook Analog Research Lab by Elena Schlenker and found on the … Continue reading

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Viola Tricolor Memento

Browse: The World in Bookshops Edited by Henry Hitchings Reading in this collection “Bookshop Time” by Ali Smith, I was struck by this passage about what gets inserted and preserved between the pages of books We leave ourselves in our … Continue reading

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A Story that Sticks

Sometimes email brings one the most marvellous of anecdotes. Like this one in a message announcing a show at the Yumart Gallery “Stuck” isn’t in the exhibition. It’s gone. I was having a difficult time in my studio; the … Continue reading

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undotting the i-candy

Felix Gonzalez-Torres B. 1957, GUÁIMARO, CUBA; D. 1996, MIAMI Gonzalez-Torres invited physical as well as intellectual engagement from viewers. His sculptures of wrapped candies spilled in corners or spread on floors like carpets, such as “Untitled” (Public Opinion) (1991), defy … Continue reading

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Good Technique Pays

A sample from The Beggar’s Handbook: A Guide To Successful Panhandling by M.T. Pockets (Loompanics Unlimited, 1989). To be a successful panhandler you must lead the intended giver to believe that you will be slightly improved by the gift, however … Continue reading

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Palm and Sole

Ronald Johnson ARK (Albuquerque: Living Batch Press, 1996) You are immersed in a sequence of poems, you turn the page and face A hand print. Sends me back to my first imprints. Recording weight and length and even the name … Continue reading

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Sibling Conviviality

These were slides that periodically projected onto the wall of our house. Magic lantern show. But also upon retrospect all these years later: an oft repeated object lesson in sharing. 3 candles Sharing the slices Thanks to my sister who … Continue reading

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Like How

Wrote to my sister and my niece about a culinary accomplishment (from a family friend from St. Pierre et Miquelon, Mme Amandine Lalande, who gave the recipe to my mother who made pâté maison at Christmas time and passed on … Continue reading

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