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The Responsive Medium

As reported to me by the poet Edward Mycue from his friend, Edith: Paper is very patient. You can write anything on it. It will not complain. And so for day 308321.05.2015

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On the Passagenwerk

Transcribed from Susan Buck-Morss in One Way Street: Fragments for Walter Benjamin (1993) at 53:30 The border police in Spain would not let them pass. And it was that night that Benjamin took an overdose of morphine and committed … Continue reading

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Anonymous But Unforgotten

Christie McDonald The Proustian Fabric: Associations of Memory Each text constitutes an endpoint and a link with others. There is no credit for the book’s designer. Pity. It’s work that deserves a name to be named. Look at the title … Continue reading

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A Book Speaks

It begins: In silence between writer and reader A memory of words and hands takes form. The Booksellers, directed by D.W. Young, is a documentary about a group of established antiquarian book dealers in New York City. The documentary ends … Continue reading

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What Books Leave

Dionne Brand “Arriving at Desire” in Desire in Seven Voices ed. Lorna Crozier Books leave gestures in the body, a certain way of moving, of turning, a certain closing of the eyes, a way of leaving hesitations. Books leave certain … Continue reading

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Hunting Down the Missing Epigraph

Alana Wilcox, Editorial Director at Coach House Books, has been kind to me. I had borrowed from the Toronto Public Library Sylvia Legris’s Nerve Squall. The copy (first edition from 2005) has in the Sources section a note about the … Continue reading

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Simple Words Touching

Roopika Risam “Telling Untold Stories: Digital Textual Recovery Methods” in lewis levenberg, Tai Neilson, David Rheams (eds) Research Methods for the Digital Humanities. As the digital cultural record continues to be developed, it is critical to ensure that writers who … Continue reading

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Humming and Sweeping

Little City Book by Annie Ingle illustrated by Edward Miller c. 1994 ISBN 0-679-85290-5 The book that came my way is damaged and there is no copy in the Toronto Public Library not even in the Lillian H. Smith Collection … Continue reading

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Eat Me Drink Me

Michael Pollan Food Rules # 36 < that piece after the hashtag is a strawberry Don’t eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk. So this might mean — don’t eat milk with your cereal (eat a little … Continue reading

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Magical Bookcases

There is this cartoon by Mike Baldwin, the creator of Cornered, which shows what looks like a boss showing off a new bookcase and remarking: “I wanted a bookcase with a secret door that led somewhere magical, mystical and mysterious. … Continue reading

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