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Ayonhwentsa’yawenda’ yaatsih

In Quebec City one can spot on the facade of City Hall an Indigenous installation which lights up at night. It’s composed in words from the Huron-Wendat: Ayonhwentsa’yawenda’ yaatsih which translates into English (from the French) as “my territory, my … Continue reading

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Interpretation & Rhetoric

Reading approaches composition… An Aristotelian rhetoric is a rhetoric of interpretation. Such a rhetoric brings composing close to the activity of reading. Ellen QuandahlAristotle’s Rhetoric: Reinterpreting InventionRhetorical Review Vol. 4 No. 2 (Jan 1986) And so for day 314825.07.2015

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Calling & Codifying

The will, the injunction, the aspiration. I will call language the forbidden attempt to codify ecstasy Starlings – Lisa Robertson And so for day 314724.07.2015

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A Set of Kennings

A kenning for structure … repetition. Whale-road is a kenning for sea. Time-machineis a kenning for the mind. Alive is a kenningfor the electrified. Terrance HayesAmerican Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin And so for day 314623.07.2015

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Une Formation

Joseph Wechsberg“La Tour d’Argent”Remembrance of Things Paris: Sixty Years of Writing from Gourmet Tall, elegant, and dynamic, Claude studied to be an actor, a diplomat, and a lawyer, and now he is a combination of all three as a restaurateur. … Continue reading

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Long Distance Longing

Saeed Tavanaee Mervi“Me, Her, Telephone”The Oceandwellertrans. Khashayar Mohammadi in many ways phones resemble planets[…]that’s why the phone receiver smells of violets And so for day 314421.07.2015

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Thyrsus and Caduceus

Mary Ann Caws“Baudelaire”The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism One of his major contributions to the literature of theoretical poetics is at once a theory of ambivalent analogy and an analogous embodiment of that theory. It is his … Continue reading

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Worlds & Encounters & Standing on Guard

Bahar OrangWhere Things Touch: A Meditation on Beauty[ 102-103 ] Daniel Coleman In Bed With the Word is invoked for his take on Ricoeur’s hermeneutics of suspicion and hermeneutics of affirmation. Reading is ecological for what it does to our … Continue reading

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Alliteration on L

There is / no / lessening, / though / the little/ ubi-sunter / will always / wait / in the corridors / lamentatiously / lamenting / the lamentable / mutability / of lamented things from Andy WeaverLigament / Ligature And … Continue reading

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The Complexities of Even Simple Language

Samuel R. DelanyMad Man Thought is part of language. But everything we perceive, either through our senses, or through our bodily feelings, or through sitting in the dark with our eyes closed, remembering or thinking or figuring, is the linguistic … Continue reading

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