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Cyclamen & Hazelnut

Lisa Robertson“The Hut”Boat where snow is very rare it sn owed there are no unities just this long season o f the coincidence of hazelnuts an d cyclamen. It is the concluding quasi-hendiadys (flowers and edibles) that makes this reader … Continue reading

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Being Gone as Mode of Letting Go

Kim Hyesoon“Seoul, Book of the Dead – Day Twenty-Two”Autobiography of Deathtrans. Don Mee Choi No one will miss youFly away freelyWhen light arrives, offer your eyesWhen wind arrives, offer your ears And so for day 310512.06.2015

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Beyond Mere Description

Gillian Sze“The Hesitant Gaze”quiet night think Ekphrasis is not only to compose a text inspired by the artwork itself, but also to be carried off by the uncontainable surge of memory and affect, judgment and speculation. Teasing out what might … Continue reading

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Observing Details

Dr. Selia Karsten’s Course“Holistic Approaches to Information Technology” Note that the top banner graphic doesn’t link every machine to the same network. There are breaks. (for me this represents the space for the human to be the connecting agent … Continue reading

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On the Spaces of Narrative

Lisa Robertson“The Hut”Boat what matters in the nar native is not the story but the shad ows it casts narrative becom es a linking space where elements can be ta ken up again, reanimated it holds rather t han represents … Continue reading

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Hellebore: Shade-Lover

Larry HodgsonMaking the Most of Shade Like manny other slow-growing perennials, hellebores are little troubled by insects and diseases, and most herbivores avoid them. Marjorie Harris Favorite Shade Plants I was astounded the first time a hellebore bloomed in my … Continue reading

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Lines and Gaps

Lisa Robertson“The Hut”Boat I’m her e for it […] theory as a n aperture seeing subject positions through diectic spacing and pro nouns sutured a loud And so for day 310007.06.2015

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Root Division

Sienna Tristen“snaketongue”Hortus animarum: a new herbal for the queer heart […] I know now we all need repotting sometimes, that not every plant wants water each day, that to divide is not to conquer but to propagate & still you … Continue reading

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First line of Lisa Robertson’s Boat: Day o pens That spacing reminds me of one of the topics of Robertson’s Nilling (The Story of O). There Robertson opens: I open the codex; with skirty murmur, commodiousness arrives. And a few … Continue reading

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Preparations for Conversations

This is a simply marvellous enumeration of tasks leading to remarks about the spending of time. Alice Toklas was the first true gourmet I ever met. She knew how to grow, to buy, to prepare, to cook, to savor, to … Continue reading

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