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As the Crow Flies

Roger Deakin Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees “Cockatoo” ‘Suppose you couldn’t see a single tree. How would you find water?’ I asked Latz and Albrecht. ‘You would have to kill a wallaby or something, rub the meat with plenty of … Continue reading

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F R A N C O I S [fʁɑ̃swa]

A visit to the coffee shop. I know they will get my order correct and I dread how they will mangle my name. We are not in Montréal where “François” would be quite common. I usually pronounce and spell (sometimes … Continue reading

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« Du beurre ! Donnez-moi du beurre ! Toujours du beurre ! »

The succession of the aphorisms here is like the judicious staging of the various courses of a fine meal. They satisfy by their simplicity. A good apprentice cook must be as polite without he dishwasher as with the chef. Success … Continue reading

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Mixed Use Has a History

20th century BlogTO in a brief history of the gay village tells the story of the steps One iconic hangout was The Second Cup, which opened south of Church and Wellesley in 1984. The “Steps” at the front of the … Continue reading

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Streets – Pathways in Flux

The Toronto Public Library at the Bloor/Gladstone Branch hosted an event organized by University of Toronto, School of Cities. Where We Gather: Streets of Toronto featured a panel of speakers moderated by Matti Siemiatycki, Associate Professor and Interim Director, School … Continue reading

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Seeds Cast from a Train

This is set up by remarks by Jonathan Lethem about the anti-intellectualism of American culture: “even American arts culture has a very violent anti-intellectual streak in it.” Lethem’s remarks help us as viewers understand the poignant finale to The Polymath, … Continue reading

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uncorrupted pleasure

It was Nigel Slater who put me on to Nigella Lawson. And How to Eat was acquired and it sat on the shelf until one day I turned its pages to see what the author might have to say about … Continue reading

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Beyond Comparing Field of Grain to the Sea

Jan Zwicky “The Spires of Martinville” Four Square Garden (Pasdeloup Press, Department of Fine Arts, University of Waterloo, Ontario) [1981] In the summer’s air, light-dappled, wading through young poplars by the barley’s green fur rippling before the wind, I cannot … Continue reading

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Doing the Math

The abacus handling. The moral calculus. The arithmetic serves the argument. Jonathan Safran Foer writes about food politics. Some argue that plant-based eating is elitist. They are either misinformed, or knowingly taking the favourite emergency exit of privileged, performatively … Continue reading

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The commercial meets the aesthetic meets the political

William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White Elements of Style, 3rd edition (1988) People vs Public The people is a political term, not to be confused with the public. From the people comes political support or opposition; from the public comes … Continue reading

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