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Kiwi Conceit

John Barton“Shopping at Capers”Hymn eggs blown sky-high pastthe azure and broken open distillate halvesof the heart laid bare, yes and yes, tart cabochonsof peridot icing my tongue. Because before me is a Canadian gay poet, I keep thinking that the … Continue reading

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Q + A

From the middle to the end of the poem: What is to be?It is to bear a name.What is to die?It is to be name only.[…]What is to ask?It is to find an answer.What is to answer?Is it to find … Continue reading

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The Abode of Two Bodies

Jean-François LyotardThe Postmodern Explained Oriented to the world within and without: [Claude] Lefort [in an article about the novel 1984*] uses the name of the body to designate the two entities Merleau-Ponty tried to consider together in The Visible and … Continue reading

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Phoebe WangWaking Occupations the chartreuse smear of lichen And so for day 316612.08.2015

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Blade in the Sky

Douglas ChambersTrinity ReviewJanuary 1982 The rain falls in screes, a crowSickles the hills; the goats moveToward the hedgerow. Meteorological movements of beasts. And so for day 316511.08.2015

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Sewing by Scent & Sleep

Patrick Phillips“Work-Clothes Quilt”Elegy for a Broken Machine no matter how brownwith his sweat, or stiff with his blisters,or blooming his rosesof pine sap, and gear grease, and blood— […] she stands by the bedand breathes his last scent, then wraps … Continue reading

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Maurice Merleau-PontyThe World of Perception From the introduction by Thomas Baldwin […] perception is the capacity whereby there is a world it cannot be just another fact within the world. […] our perceived world is structured by a plurality of … Continue reading

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Advice & More Advice

Rachel RoseThirteen Ways of Looking at CanLit Only love. So critic be useful. Touch the body of work with  sure but careful hands. If the body is unlike your own, be  less sure and more careful. And so for day 316208.08.2015

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Three three-liners cannibalized from a longer manuscript: turning the bodyas gatecanal sunflower tarnishing a scarpaste diamondstaste bitter and the colours of flagsfade fasterthan bruises blush And so for day 316107.08.2015

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Composition and Conversation

From a letter to a friend … Camera in hand or not, would you consider the interplay of framing as a dance with the object of contemplation, a dance that supports remembering the object of contemplation? I am led […] … Continue reading

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