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A found poem from the stuck-together words youLike skyThat andYou Sarah Dowling “Everyone Sleep” Down And so for day 3172 18.08.2015

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“Well, it was my fault,” explained Wilfred again. “I was looking for gold and I got stuck. Mr Apple had to rescue me and then we got lost. And Mr Apple’s leg hurt so much, we had to come back … Continue reading

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Three Words As Found Poem

[a motif, a bead] [here lifted as a short found poem:]        stone swan sycamore Roxanna BennettUnmeaningable And so for day 317016.08.2015

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Kiwi Conceit

John Barton“Shopping at Capers”Hymn eggs blown sky-high pastthe azure and broken open distillate halvesof the heart laid bare, yes and yes, tart cabochonsof peridot icing my tongue. Because before me is a Canadian gay poet, I keep thinking that the … Continue reading

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Q + A

From the middle to the end of the poem: What is to be?It is to bear a name.What is to die?It is to be name only.[…]What is to ask?It is to find an answer.What is to answer?Is it to find … Continue reading

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The Abode of Two Bodies

Jean-François LyotardThe Postmodern Explained Oriented to the world within and without: [Claude] Lefort [in an article about the novel 1984*] uses the name of the body to designate the two entities Merleau-Ponty tried to consider together in The Visible and … Continue reading

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Phoebe WangWaking Occupations the chartreuse smear of lichen And so for day 316612.08.2015

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Blade in the Sky

Douglas ChambersTrinity ReviewJanuary 1982 The rain falls in screes, a crowSickles the hills; the goats moveToward the hedgerow. Meteorological movements of beasts. And so for day 316511.08.2015

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Sewing by Scent & Sleep

Patrick Phillips“Work-Clothes Quilt”Elegy for a Broken Machine no matter how brownwith his sweat, or stiff with his blisters,or blooming his rosesof pine sap, and gear grease, and blood— […] she stands by the bedand breathes his last scent, then wraps … Continue reading

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Maurice Merleau-PontyThe World of Perception From the introduction by Thomas Baldwin […] perception is the capacity whereby there is a world it cannot be just another fact within the world. […] our perceived world is structured by a plurality of … Continue reading

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