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Priming the Pump

On the literary mindset. I wonder if there may not be a “placebo” effect. Koopman and Hakemulder note the possibility of prompting: A simple solution for many of the methodological problems involved here, is using an instruction variable, leading one … Continue reading

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Delirious Othering Details

Critics have noted the play in Nicole Brossard’s Amantes of délire and de lire. JE N’ARRÊTE PAS DE LIRE EN CE JUIN DES AMANTES There is an echo elsewhere in Amantes in a quotation from Italian in “ma continent” “Non … Continue reading

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For Instance & The Role of the Teacher

A discussion of computers and the transformation of education and what happens in and beyond the classroom touches upon the role of the teacher. Mon, October 21, 1996 Humanist: 10.0351 forwards Meme 2.13 (Seymour Papert interviewed by David S. Bennahum) … Continue reading

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Being About To …

Kathleen Fitzpatrick has enlarged the circle of dialogue stemming from a session at the meeting of the Modern Language Association. She has opened up to comments her presentation on the “Being Human, Seeming Human” panel. At the end she … Continue reading

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Reaching from a hand covered with digits of a very high prime number to a donkey ride on the moon

Virtual Reality Experience, To The Moon Hsin-Chien Huang Laurie Anderson What one carries away from the coda is the voice of the artist: You know the reason I really love the stars? It’s that we cannot hurt them. Even if … Continue reading

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Mushrooming Net

Kumar Kesh “”Mullet Chase” the face that smiles Rooted in memory of the Guyanese Corentyne coastline He stands entranced by the sparkling sea Frolicking, dancing and waving to music, Rhythmically playa by rushing breeze. He peers intently at the silver … Continue reading

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Tango Tangle

Thanks to the great restorer at ToTango who explains that we do when we dance. —————————- Original Message —————————- Subject: Re: Community, Audience, Public From: “Keith Elshaw” Date: Mon, April 2, 2001 5:40 pm To: “mcluhan-l” ————————————————————————– Francois; I’m a … Continue reading

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To Be There

Chris Banks “Fossil” The Cloud Versus Grand Unification Theory To match in words the impression […] to be that permanent, and still not there. A sort of aspiration. To be like “the impression / some extinct creature / left in … Continue reading

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The Call to Risk

We beg to differ with Cecil Beaton Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. Likely from his … Continue reading

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Affective Economics — But Not That Kind

Is there a social economy of affect? Is the best analogy to understand it an ecosystem or a well-oiled machine? I think the one (machine analogy) is well suited for weighing the drift and strength of flows; the other (ecosystem … Continue reading

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