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Emergence and Explosion

By chance these two quotations come to settle here. What came surreptitiously into being between the age of theatre and that of the catalogue was not the desire for knowledge, but a new way of connecting things both to the … Continue reading

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Restriction of Form – Expansion of Horizon

Dear Friend, There is more snail post coming your way with more ephemera and yes, some poetry bits. Imagine they are smarties. Today’s poem at Poetry Daily — made me realize that there is a difference between oracle and prophecy … Continue reading

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Metaphor Wisdom

A gem (metaphorically speaking) … recognizing an old friend in an unfamiliar setting, and understanding a metaphor are species of the same phenomenon Jan Zwicky Wisdom & Metaphor I like how the metaphor of ecosystem creeps in … Imagine the … Continue reading

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Beyond Comparing Field of Grain to the Sea

Jan Zwicky “The Spires of Martinville” Four Square Garden (Pasdeloup Press, Department of Fine Arts, University of Waterloo, Ontario) [1981] In the summer’s air, light-dappled, wading through young poplars by the barley’s green fur rippling before the wind, I cannot … Continue reading

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Signatures, Covers, Samples

Style brought to you by the hand. By the ear. By the eye. By the mind. George Swede’s signature is tight and compact like his talent for short verse forms such as haiku and tanka. Jan Zwicky’s signature is aswish … Continue reading

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Semi-colon Semi-quaver

Jan Zwicky. Wittgenstein Elegies This opens the section set in Rosro, County Galway. Grooves in the rough-planed planks. Trace the grain, back and forth, slow path, back; and forth. Salt light from over the dark chafed sea. So much is … Continue reading

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Dreaming Mimesis

Robert Bringhurst in “Poetry and Thinking” in Thinking and Singing edited by Tim Lilburn. But not to repeat. Mimesis is not repetition. One way of answering that music [poetry as a music we lean to see, to feel, to hear, … Continue reading

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Stasis and Flight

They are by temperament different. By métier, poets. Both attentive to detail. Sandra Kasturi in Come Late to the Love of Birds, just before her homage to Ursula K. Le Guin, has a poem, “Bird Logic”, which ends in a … Continue reading

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The Placement of the Hat

In one of the small songs in Thirty-seven Small Songs & Thirteen Silences Jan Zwicky creates in a minimal space an evocative scenario that shimmers with reflection upon the passage of time. Here are the opening and closing which look … Continue reading

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Dark Stuff

What can you see in tiny steaming cups of mocha? […] shade goes straight down, espresso dense with intent […] From “Shade” by Jan Zwicky collected in Songs for Relinquishing the Earth I like the arrangement here producing endwords — … Continue reading

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