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A Commitment to Sufficiency

Wendell Piez Pellucid Literature * Likewise, incoming requests are never watched or tracked, to say nothing of counted or analyzed. This isn’t that kind of transaction either. Pellucid Literature does not take your name, watch your IP address or … Continue reading

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Windows and Stars

Brian Cullman Helpless: On the Poetry of Neil Young The Paris Review October 23, 2012 I forwarded the piece to my friend Bill Flicker, out in Los Angeles, who wrote back that he never listens to Neil Young’s words, … Continue reading

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Video Game : Generations

Chris Banks The Cloud Versus Grand Unification Theory “All-Night Arcade” Being in the zone. Being from the zone. Time and space stand still for the price of a quarter. […] Nostalgia is a verdict for not living well, which is … Continue reading

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We Marched for Love and Pride

For a Friend… “Somewhere else, someone else is crying too / Another man has lost a friend, I bet he feels the way I do” The Communards – For A Friend (Official Video) Songwriters: James Somerville / Richard Coles And … Continue reading

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Guttural From the Throat

From a villanelle by Liz Howard (“A Wake” in Infinite Citizen fo the Shaking Tent) come these lines which remind one of a wholly erotic power. If I moan from an animal throat it is in hope you will return … Continue reading

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There is a very swish “d” dancing on the title on the cover of The Rose Concordance (BookThug, 2009) by Angela Carr. Here is my own little concordance of lines from The Rose Concordance: [22] cartilage of the reader, the … Continue reading

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yr utopia: dreem not uv its prfekshun

bill bissett – The Gypsy Dreamer Director: Luis De Estores Described as “an evocative, multifaceted portrait of acclaimed Canadian poet, artist, singer, and peer mental health advocate, bill bissett”. “forget living a normal life that’s my message of hope, my … Continue reading

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Syntax … Steps

Seth Mydans writes about Seema Kirmani … In a country [Pakistan] where most women cover their heads and some hide inside full-body burkas, where sexual feelings are seen as a challenge to purity and uprightness, a dancing woman is a … Continue reading

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Of Mamas and Moments

Bless YouTube and Michael McKay. [Well for a time anyway – the video has been taken down] The 1994 production of Brad Walton’s Baroque-style opera The Loves of Wayne Gretzky as performed and recorded on February 13, 1994 at Symptom … Continue reading

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Independent Observations on Interactivity

From a message with the subject heading “Good Stimulating Questions” sent to Ger Zielinski after a presentation to his class at Ryerson in March 1999. In recapping the enter-hold-exit example I suggested that it is modelled on a narrative and … Continue reading

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