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Ringing Ovidian Changes on Love-Making and Nuptials

Ali Smith. Girl Meets Boy She carries on for pages in a fashion that would make even Anna Livia Plurabelle blush. Then it changed into a music I’d never heard before, so new to me that it made me airborne, … Continue reading

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Thinking Through Actions and Images

Lev ManovichSoftware Takes Command p. 97-98 According to Kay, the key step for him and his group was to start thinking about computers as a medium for learning, experimentation, and artistic expression which can be used not just by adults … Continue reading

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Alter Natives Alert

José Esteban MuñozCruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity The present must be known in relation to the alternative temporal and spatial maps provided by a perception of past and future affective worlds. Look both ways before plunging… … Continue reading

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Acting, Imagining, Symbolizing

a snippet from Lev Manovich on pedagogical theory and interface design: Piaget > Bruner > Kay Continue reading

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On readiness and redness

An encounter with the thought of Umberto Eco through the figure of the anacoluthon. Continue reading

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VERSschmuggel / reVERSible: An Anthology of English Canadian Poetry / Poésie du Québec / Dichtung aus Deutschland Tristan Malavoy on the poetry of Nancy Hünger at 46:26 … there is this idea that language is never fully acquired; it can … Continue reading

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Anonymous But Unforgotten

Christie McDonald The Proustian Fabric: Associations of Memory Each text constitutes an endpoint and a link with others. There is no credit for the book’s designer. Pity. It’s work that deserves a name to be named. Look at the title … Continue reading

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Canine Cantata

Mary di Michele “The Unteachable” Bicycle Thieves [last lines] Buddy was the first to teach me to love dogs, to trust them with my hand, my heart, if not my muffins. What did I know? I wanted a literary dog … Continue reading

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Scaffolding Conversation

[An off-list epistle (or a short note) about an objection to a move in post on Humanist] Dear X It may be viewed as a bit of stretch to go from Eskelinen to Barthes. I could have occluded the writing/reading … Continue reading

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I was involved in a discussion about the dynamics of a play that incorporated people talking about literature. I asked if destiny could represent constraints on action and the discussion of causes represent a zone of freedom. I thought I … Continue reading

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