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Of Books and Dimensions

Spotted this on our street. Rather fanciful to think that this particular TARDIS is indeed bigger on the inside thanks to the imaginative realms opened up by the books it houses and circulates. I have almost begun a collection of … Continue reading

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Houses and Wares

Some are registered through the Little Free Library Org. Some are autonomous. They are agents of circulation. Experiments in collective currating. This one located on Clinton Street in Toronto has a lively polka-dotted roof. Its side view offers an image … Continue reading

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Not So Long Ago

First a description of the product and its cross-cultural appeal. Known as croccante to the Italians, praline to the French and turrón to the Spanish, such a golden nutty sweetmeat is better known here in Britain as brittle or, occasionally, … Continue reading

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It reads like a parody of the Little Free Library outposts. Welcome to the installation. With text and fibre. Beginning “I thought” Back panel: you were solid / but you’re The picture here captures the shutter-bug and brings to mind … Continue reading

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Orbiting the Obelized

Epicurus On Happiness Letter to Menoeceus by Epicurus (341-270 B.C.) Translated by Robert Drew Hicks Who, then, is superior in your judgment to such a person? He holds a holy belief concerning the gods, and is altogether free from the … Continue reading

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Catch and Release Something Lucretian

From VII in the sequence “Migrant” in The Lease by Mathew Henderson. The foxes have lapped the water from sloughs contaminated by cow shit and they are later retching rabbit from their stomachs in the field And even this water … Continue reading

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