The Abode of Two Bodies

Jean-François Lyotard
The Postmodern Explained

Oriented to the world within and without:

[Claude] Lefort [in an article about the novel 1984*] uses the name of the body to designate the two entities Merleau-Ponty tried to consider together in The Visible and the Invisible: the knot that ties the sentient to the sensible, the chiasm of sensibility, the phenomenological body; and the hidden, singular organization of space-time, the phantasm, the psychoanalytic body. The body that is joined to the world, of which it is a part, which it composes and which composes it; and the body that removes itself from the world into the darkness ow what it has lost, there to come alive.

*Lefort, Claude. “The Interposed Body.” Writing, the Political Test. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2000.

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