Composition and Conversation

From a letter to a friend …

Camera in hand or not, would you consider the interplay of framing as a dance with the object of contemplation, a dance that supports remembering the object of contemplation?

I am led […] to consider the naming of plants I spot on my wanderings. In a sense a name plucks a specimen out of the unorganized background of vegetation. A name evokes a family, a season, a growth cycle. A name is an index to stored knowledge. And yet there are limitations. I can easily identify a rose but not know the variety of rose it might be. At times I enjoy inventing names for varieties: peonies have been known to receive this treatment. A name, like a framing, is the beginning of a conversation. A turn in storytelling.

You have me thinking of “composition” as a positioning with …

… to reach out and hold the world with the ghost of interlocutors in mind.

And so for day 3160

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