Discursive Dislocations

Leo Bersani
“Representation and Its Discontents”
in Allegory and Representation ed. Stephen Greenblatt (150-151).

Sexuality would be that which is intolerable to the structured self.

[… commentary on Jean Laplanche Life and Death in Psychoanalysis … ]

Sexuality would be desire satisfied as a disruption or destabilization of the self. It would therefore not be originally an exchange of intensities between individuals, but rather a condition of broken negotiations with the world.


An imitative sympathy is crucial to our ability to learn, and in the context of a more general epistemological investigation, one might speculate about the effects on our presumed knowledge of the world of a learning process that destabilizes the relations between subject and object and transforms the world into an excessive, sexualizing psychic expenditure.

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