Beyond Ending

David Rakoff
Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish
with illustrations by Seth

Accomplished on many fronts: a novel in verse.

A novel weaving the delicate impingement of characters across plot lines, little tricks of narration fostering in the reader a knowingness about connections…

One of the stories tells of the making of a picture, the picture then is found years later by a character in an unrelated plot line. Aside from the provenance, there is the illustration of said picture: you turn the page and you are in the position of the character viewing the picture. The mimicry works as a majestic if subdued finale. It is the book’s magic that the reader experiences both a reckoning with time’s passage and a moment lifted out of time.

There was just so much Now that the picture encapsed In the shot, this despite more than six-decades elapsed.

And so for day 3109

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