One, One, One, Many

Mark Marino
Critical Code Studies

There is an invitation to

[…] resituate authorship not as something that necessarily emerges out of whole cloth from the genius poised at the computer but instead as an actor of reading and writing, cutting and pasting, patching together and reworking.

Which was earlier preceded by an appeal to heteroglossia:

The many voices of commentary represent not only the multiple authorship but also the heteroglossia of the code, to use Bakhtin’s notion, the many genres and styles within even one set of comments composed by the same programmer. While Bakhtin spoke of novels, these code files are likewise full of genres and styles, such as narratives, accumulated fragments, even some autogenerated comments, organized around the particular operational patterns of the instructions.

I juxtapose the two here to emphasize the polyvocal nature of composition stemming either from the self and its memories or from remixing collected resources. It is not only authorship that is resituated but also attitudes to raw materials.

And so for day 3020

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