Three Within the Three

The three are usually depicted in a cyclical fashion: reduce, reuse, recycle.

The depictions makes them seem as equivalent activities notwithstanding the effort to list them as a hierarchy in any accompanying prose. It is not always evident that their impact will vary.

It is from this perspective that I find myself admiring the wit and pith of the slogan my local thrift shop displays on discount coupons given as appreciation for donations. There is a message that explains the good that is being done. And one finds prominently at the bottom, underlining the message by its placement, in a neat little row of reinforcement:

Refresh Recycle Restyle

They all seem to fall under the common “reuse” rubric. Even “recycle” here means cycling through different hands and not a manufacturing process involving vast quantities of energy. It’s a point rhetorically confirmed by the partial rhyme of recycle and restyle.

And apparently there’s a company selling T-shirts emblazoned with the tag line. I chuckle at the thought that some day one of those ends up at the thrift shop.

And so for day 3017

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