think, talk, listen, write

shalan joudry
A miscellany of writing tips and tales from Nova Scotian authors. A fundraiser for the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia.

Head to the land (forest, brook, seaside, tundra — wherever nature is still the boss). Hopefully this is somewhere close enough to home that you will not need to pack for a lengthy journey. Choose somewhere in nature that can house you for an hour or more. Once there, spend the first twenty minutes thinking and talking aloud (if there are not too many people around, staring at you). Think/talk about the writing or story project you have in mind. Tell the land about it. And then once you’ve said enough, spend another twenty to thirty minutes in silence, listening to the sounds of nature. Don’t even worry if you’re not hearing words or “figuring out the next lines,” just be present. Watch the land or water. If possible, do this again a week later.


Never underestimate the power of the land to feed you.

Works in reverse: write, listen, talk, think.

And so for day 3015

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