Ears Pricked to the Darned Stars

Fan Wu
Hoarfrost & Solace: Variations on Tang Poetry

Sitting across the room from me, DWR asks what I am reading: “Horseshoes and Saddle”?


This is the start of Fan Wu’s third variation on Li Bai’s “Drinking Alone”. It begins simply and grows into a baroque tangle.

Third Bowl

Hyacinth Boy, nude astride the moon in water,
proclaims himself caliph of the unkissed anus,
stroked lewd by an unspent night which, in falling,
darned with stars a virgin body for a boy defiled
by his perfect purity.

And it continues in a tone punch drunk where nothing is stable or in its stable.

Ride on!

Cover - Fan Wu - Hoarfrost & Solace

And so for day 3002

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