Marcella on Onions

As I wait for the moka pot to produce its espresso in the morning, I am reading by instalments Marcella Hazan’s The Classic Italian Cookbook in paperback. I love the smell of the book. I love her opinionated headnotes to the recipes. I share this bit from the Tuna and Bean Salad on the use of the appropriate allium:

[W]hile most English versions suggest scallions, in this recipe we follow the traditional Tuscan use of red onion. It is a small difference but a significant one, because the crunchiness of onion is a delightful and essential relief for the creaminess of beans and the tenderness of tuna.

We make a salad of tuna, scallions and chick peas bound with homemade mayo. : )

I look forward to reading the companion volume, More Classic Italian Cooking as I wait for the morning coffee while I imbibe some more of that foodie connoisseur vibe.

And so for day 2978

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