A Recent Death

Agatha Christie
Murder at the Vicarage

I do love the television adaptations of the Miss Marple series. I also love the novels for the tricks that are hard to reproduce televisually. I like how Christie through the voice of her narrator, the Vicar, provides commentary on a servant’s demeanour.

A very correct butler opened the door, with just the right amount of gloom in his bearing.

One instantly imagines a fictional universe where there could be too much or too little. That touch appears so easy and simple and we know that such marks of style are hard earned through the writing process — so very much a question of acute observation and the gentle but firm conveyance of the observation. One could of course imagine a voice over to capture this inner moment of the Vicar’s recounting but somehow such a voice over would be precious and affected and the mild humour lost.

And so for day 2938

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