Subdued Design

rob mclennan
It’s still winter

The cover shows two outlines of denuded trees: one above the title; the other, the author’s name.

Cover of It's still winter by rob McLennan (two leafless silhouettes of trees - one each above title and above author name)

Perfect for depicting a winterscape. And perfect for such poems:

Coffee: ice cold and hours. I have written out silence, all thirty-seven minutes’ worth. The children, asleep. Slow-cooker soup is spicy, mute, in constant edit. The tree fell twice but landed once. What does a heart beat. The sentence is always unfounded. Sometimes scattered notes don’t require the poem. We never look like the writing of it.

Doesn’t that cover show trees falling twice in season and place but only landing once in the reader’s eye?

And so for day 2928

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