Affinities and Organs

Julie Joosten

“Swoon Revolt” in its exploratory beneath-the-skin approach to organs this reminds of Monique Wittig Les guérillères. For example …

Have you ever wondered what it would be
to caress the liver, the spleen, a kidney
with the same sensitivity of your tongue
on my skin.

I unfurl your heart from its breastplate,
breathe its beating.

And this bit from “, touch”

I’m looking for hormones and the names
of my organs in other languages–

the album on repeat, warming in front
of the fire, I’m looking for all
the sentences that include bodies and
body parts and chemicals the body
makes and responds to

And there is this passage which reminds me of Lisa Robertson’s essay in Nilling that draws on Benveniste’s “The Notion of Rhythm in its Linguistic Expression” which Joosten seems to be channeling in “Dear Friend”

The mechanics of rhythm extend
to feeling (rhythmoi referred once
to the positions the body assumed
during a dance, not flow but pause), and I,
existing where feeling is, a line that

These intertextual moments themselves form a pause. Did she? Is it just me?

And so for day 2911

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