From an interview in The Rusty Toque

Kathryn Mockler: What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve heard or been given that you actually use?

Lisa Robertson: Writing is the good use of boredom. I try to have a boring life. I don’t socialize, and I eat nine servings of vegetables a day.

Kathryn Mockler: Your funniest or favourite literary moment, if you have one.

Lisa Robertson: When Jam Isma[i]l read at KSW [Kootenay School of Writing] in 2002 she sat a tape recorder on a windowsill and played a cassette recording of New Delhi crows. Vancouver crows came to the open window to listen and respond. Every emotion cracked open at once.

That juxtaposition between nine servings a day and crowing. A comment? Irony of the juxtaposed.

And so for day 2903

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