If I Knew When….

Me in 1996

“Storing and Sorting”

The human senses, whatever their number and relations, produce events. Events can be connected. This production of events can be experienced, can be induced, can be guided. Memory plays a major role in this process. Attention can be alternatively devoted to percept and to the act of perception. The possibilities for metacommentary are connected to the possibilities for memory. Cognitively this allows humans to preserve the trace of something happening at a certain time. Events connected in a series of episodes lead to narratives. The transformation of discrete somatic signals into sequences begins to explain cross-modal encoding.


The key phrase “Attention can be alternatively devoted to percept and to the act of perception.” resonates with reading this some 20+ years later …

S.E. Gontarski Creative Involution: Bergson, Beckett, Deleuze

In his one and only film, commissioned by his American publisher, Barney Rosset of Grove Press, and called simply, generically, Film (originally The Eyes), Beckett acknowledgedly explored Berkeley’s Immaterialist or Idealist dictum, principal [sic] #3, esse est percipi, as something of a disappearing act, a pursuit of immaterialism if not a performance of dematerialization, but Beckett kept part of Berkeley’s dictum under erasure. Tellingly, Berkeley’s full phrase includes the parenthetical extension ‘(aut percipere), so that esse est percipi, that ‘being is being perceived’, has the added tenet of ‘(or perceiving)’.

Told and telling.

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