Tumbling, Threading, Theorizing

Rethreading (tumbling paragraphs) from a set of comments arising from observing undertheorizing the posited “vulnerability” of the single reader:

With the demise of the grand narratives, we find writers as well as readers. Barthes at the end of Criticism and Truth invokes four functions: scriptor: who copies without adding anything; compilator: who adds nothing of their own; commentator: who makes a personal contribution to the copied text only to render it intelligible; auctor: who gives their own ideas, always justifying their views with reference to other authorities. Such a model assumes less a vulnerable reader and more an engaged writer of however tiny the narrative, small the world, or simple the game.

Mediating relations with cultural products can be imagined in productive terms rather than mere consumerism (I have in mind the 3Cs of constructivist pedagogy: collaborate, create, communicate, and such examples a fan fiction, meme elaboration, discussion threads). Note that such approaches posit a set of participants; the reader is always multiple.

If I may be so bold, I would venture that narration is the mechanism that allows for the traversals and switches between narratives, worlds and games. No matter how small, simple or tiny. https://berneval.hcommons.org/2014/09/16/3n-plus/

And so for day 2893

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