Slip Sliding

John Berger on Cy Twombly as quoted by Peter Schwenger Asemic: The Art of Writing (p. 49)

He doesn’t see language with the readability and clarity of something printed out. He sees it, rather as a terrain full of illegibilities, hidden paths, impasses, surprises, and obscurities. . . . Its obscurities, its lost senses, its self-effacement come about for many reasons — because of the way words modify each other, write themselves over each other, cancel one another out, because the unsaid always counts for as much or more, than the said, and because language can never cover what it signifies. (45).

Isn’t that startling?

John Berger. “Post-scriptum” in Audible Silence: Cy Twombly at Daros edited by Eva Keller and Regula Malin (Zurich: Scalo, 2002)

And so for day 2883

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