In tracing a web site from a URL from a piece of ephemera, I realized that the effort to build a community of likemindedness routed itself via belief. But when I reviewed the inspiring words, they did not reference acts of belief.

Led me to contemplate how “believing” is often wedged between “knowing” and “being” (“doing”).

If one were to lay out the states of mind along the syntagm of say a Bildungsroman, one would have the following schema:

knowing — believing — being — doing

In our Bildungsroman scenario, believing seems to me to be a hurdle. It represents a significant investment of mental energy. Could there be a metafictional moment where the wedge of believing is dislodged? In its place would be an imagination driven by hypothesis: asking “what if” and testing the results. Minimal investments but it seems that such a fictional world that is constantly tested would be more precarious than one built upon belief. There seems to be in inverse curve between investment and stability.

In our Bildungsroman scenario is there a potential moebius reversibility to the narrative syntagm?

believing — knowing — doing — being

A re-lodging as a way of addressing the precarity triggered by a total dislodging?

There’s a lot of fiction to read (or write) before figuring this one out. A significant investment.

And so for day 2853

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