Crumbs of Metadata

A habit I picked up from my parents: recycling paper by cutting up sheets with printing or writing on one side but blank on the other. The tearing up is meditative and bonus it creates a stack of slips great for note taking while reading or jotting down a shopping list.

And sometimes one grows curious about the traces left by this practice. Note part of a title, part of a call number and a publication date on this example:

Foodways G635 2018 -- a scrap

Part of a title
Part of a call number
A publication year

A quick online search restores the reference:

Metadata with highlights - Foodways G635 2018

Google Books – screenshot of metadata

This appears to be a reference work I consulted in my search for the origin of “sugar bones” and Yiddish connections to this appellation.

Searching for the Origin of Sugar Bones

Still amazed by the robustness of the metadata structures that allowed for the recuperation of a full reference from three small elements.

And so for day 2848

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