The Ideal Spot for the Ideal Plant Person

Beth Chatto
Woodland Garden: Shade-loving Plants for Year-round Interest

I like the analogy between people and plants in the opening paragraph of the introduction:

Most people have some shade in their garden; it may be dry and dusty, or dark and damp; often it is a problem. Whether it is a bed shaded by a wall or fence or an area beneath trees or shrubs, somehow it tends to look dull. Plants grow tall and lanky, or disappoint by failing to flower, generally because the gardener is keen to fill every space with colour — with flowers, of course — and uses plants that thrive in open, sunnier parts of the garden. But plants are like people and do not take kindly to being thrust into any situation, any more than we can tolerate being pushed into any kind of job.

Hard to imagine a better case to champion finding one’s niche by respecting those of others.

And so for day 2831

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