The Big Big Picture

Shades of Octavia Butler Xenogenesis and the Oankali

Bethany Nowviskie
“Capacity and Care”

And some of these re-framings hinge on metaphors that seem particularly well-suited to our current scene: ways, for instance, in which we might begin to position culture and human production as just one part of a huge, complex, and long-term data-processing system—a system that’s biological and ecological and evolutionary and geological in nature, as well as social and historical.


Reminds me of some of the stuff that Robert Bringhurst wrote on ecosystems.

Mythtellers however are prone to remember (and writers to forget) that the languages of words are not the only kind of human language, and the languages spoken by humans are only a small sub-set of language as a whole. Some deeply human stories tell us this is so.


we live in a small, small place with a long, long memory

And so for day 2801

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